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You are on AU Mummy a blog about Australian mothers who blog. I’m Corinne Paterson and love reading biographies and autobiographies. This blog is my personal review of the Australian Mummy bloggers I find.

I set this page up to make it easier for you to find out about this blog and what you will see in my Twitter posts.

More about the blog:
I want to find out what Mummy bloggers talk about. Who they are? Are we all the same? Are we all time poor? Are we all overworked and underpaid? Or are we all realists about our live and simply making the most of what we have. Reading all (yes, I do) blog posts of a blogger, takes time. So stay with me.

More about my Twitter posts:
I will tweet about publishing, photography, technology and things digital. If I see a good tweet I am VERY happy to RT.  I love technology and how we use it in our everyday lives.

Read more about who I am.

Please share with me the Australian mummy blogs you find. Just join me at

I hope after you read this page, you will continue to read my blog postings or follow me on Twitter. If you are are a Mummy Blogger, please tell me. You never know, I might review you too one day.


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