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Ah the possibilities

It seems fitting that I start this blog on Mothers Day. Mummy blogs in AU.

Sarah Pietrzak is a freelance writer, reviewer, guest blogger, an English teacher of 10 years, mother of three and self professed foodaholic who started blogging in 2008. Sarah lives in Perth Western Australia. She comes from a family of bloggers including her dad, who is recovering from open heart surgery last year.

When asked why does she blog, Sarah writes “I think it evolved over time. It was a way of sharing what I wanted and needed to share with others. It was a way of connecting. It was a way for me to articulate (usually to myself) something I was working through or a goal I needed to set….And I don’t for one minute think that reading a blog gives me a complete and total representation of who a person actually is.”
Sarah is an avid and speed reader and refers to herself being a voracious reader. “I figure I’ll pick up some useful bits of knowledge that will hopefully make me appear somewhat wiser than I am. I also like to listen to others in conversation.” I am amazed at how many books she can digest in a short time.

Being a Christian is very important to her and “One of the things my forays into blogworld has taught me is just how diverse peoples beliefs and values are. And I love that. I love being challenged by people who think and believe different things to me. I’m open minded enough to reflect on these ideas and I am open to challenging my own beliefs.” I wish there were others of the same open mindedness.

Sarah became interested in blogs initially to learn about infertility. Friends were being diagnosed with infertility and she felt she didn’t have the ability to help where possible. Researching blogs and stumbling upon a whole new world, blogging.

She writes of friendships lost and won back. Reflections of life and making the most of what life brings. Reflections when friends and family are met with either loss or disasters of one kind or many. “I didn’t necessarily think about people reading it, more about it being a reflective process for me.” Including the loss of her baby brother Rory. Sarah is the co-founder of “Say it with Flowers” and “Whispered Support.”

Sarah is very candid of her life’s ups and downs. “…every rule my husband and I earnestly discussed pre children, that we would have when we had our kids, we have broken.” Always with a comic twist.

True to her teaching she writes beautiful pose. On the topic of teaching, she explains “I love rhyme. I once taught an entire English lesson speaking in rhyme. My class was hysterical by the end of it. I was exhausted. I’ve often thought about applying to Hallmark cards because I think I could write great verses for them.”

Sarah’s story of *Tara* a 11 year old student she taught and describing why she was late one day, was horrific to read but so well written. I was in tears. Amazing why certain memories come back at certain times in your life. Sometimes making the current happenings come into focus a little more. Or could it be some things just take time to process a resolve in our minds?

The strikethrough text used often gives us a little more about her balance of thoughts. “I had thought given the various plagues open heart surgery, gallbladder attacks, a child needing grommets and swine flu affecting my family recently that it was time for a lull.” And more “Garden renovations… And this is why I persevered and it’s also a salutary lesson in the fact that NAGGING works! ”

There are keeping fit postings. Sarah even created her own job blog to help her get fit. She is now a qualified lifesaver and can out swim a shark, when needed. Not contended with that milestone, she is back in training and a broken toe wont stop her. “…they make me feisty (and a little bit brave!)”. What is she in training for? “But not as exciting as the possibility of kicking my husband’s proverbial in the half marathon in August.” I hope you do.

True to her bio, there are lots of food and cooking snippets. Cooking evening courses have inspired so has her discovery of pressure cooking. I am with you on the pressure cooker, now that its getting colder.

I have to also agree with “I love my i-phone. I think their should be government funding for anyone who wants one. Apparently you can get funding for all kinds of strange things. But I think they should be manadatory.”

“My goal of becoming a full time writer doesn’t seem so unreasonable now. ” Ah the possibilities is ahhh good read.

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